October 5th 2022

Celebrating Long Standing Board Members at Voluntary Action Shetland

Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS) staff and current board members recently had a get together at Market House in September 2022 to commemorate two long-standing board members, Alex Miller and Willie Henderson.

Both have been active board members for VAS, (previously called Shetland Council of Social Service) for many years. Willie Henderson first becoming a board member in May 1996 until May 2002 and then again from June 2003 to June 2022, contributing an astounding 25 years of voluntary service as a board member. Alex Miller equally provided a significant amount of voluntary time to be part of the VAS board, first becoming involved in May 1998 until June 2003 and then again in June 2006 until June 2022, tallying up 21 years of voluntary participation.

Willie Shannon, VAS’s current chairperson said: “Alec and Willie have made a huge contribution to the Voluntary Sector over many years and it is only right and proper that we mark the occasion. On behalf of all the VAS Board members and staff, past and present, I want to pay tribute to Willie and Alec for all that they have done in support of the Third Sector in Shetland”.

Both board members stood down at this year’s AGM in June and current board members and staff were keen to mark such a significant voluntary contribution by having a gathering and presenting them with thank you gifts.

VAS is the umbrella body for Shetland’s Voluntary Sector and it provides a single point of access for support and advice for the third sector within local areas. VAS plays an important role in the third sector landscape. They are a key point of intelligence about local third sector organisations and volunteering. They understand the local landscape and how it effects the third sector's ability to contribute to local outcomes and national strategies (such as health and social care, community empowerment). VAS is well positioned to identify support needs for local community groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and around volunteering. VAS can also identify third sector issues and perspectives that can feed into both local and national policy.

VAS currently has board member vacancies and if anyone is interested in finding out more about this voluntary role please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Executive Officer Lynn Tulloch on Tel: 01595 743901 or by e-mail: lynn.tulloch@shetland.org

Picture information:

From Left to Right: Willie Henderson (retired VAS board member), Lynn Tulloch (Executive Officer for VAS), Alec Miller (retired VAS board member) and Willie Shannon current Chairperson for VAS


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