A new awards scheme to say 'well done'.

The aim of the new awards is to recognise all kinds of volunteering, which includes both formal and informal volunteering

The awards consist of two categories, the ‘Willin Haands Award’ for adults aged 26 and over, and the ‘Peerie Trows Award’ for children 11 and under. The awards will be complementing the national Saltire Awards scheme, which we deliver annually to recognise young people aged 12 to 25.

The names of both categories were decided through a competition with ‘Willin Haands’ being the winning choice, put forward by Mairi Jamieson. On the photo above you can see Mairi Jamieson receiving her certificate which was presented to her by VAS Youth Volunteer Development Worker Lavinia Schmidt.

The Cullivoe Primary School won the children’s section with their suggestion ‘Peerie Trows’.

The Cullivoe Primary School received a certificate for their winning suggestion ‘Peerie Trows’. In addition, they received a Plantiecrub token to support them with tending their school garden.

By developing the new awards scheme, we want to celebrate individuals of all ages who volunteer in Shetland and recognise their valuable contribution to our communities. Both formal and informal volunteering are recognised in the new award with the latter often being overlooked, even by the volunteers themselves.

Informal volunteering can be a host of tasks such as providing home-bakes for fundraisers/teas, helping a neighbour in need, litter picking or other ways of supporting the community without formally being involved with an organisation.

Similar to our Community Spirit Award, which ran during the Covid pandemic, the VAS-VAs are nomination-based, anyone can nominate (whether they are an individual or an organisation) someone, adult or child who volunteers or has volunteered. Please read the nomination guidelines before nominating someone for the awards.

Nominations are currently closed.

Awardees will receive a certificate and their volunteering stories will be celebrated on the Voluntary Action Shetland social media channels and in the local news.

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