Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS) is the administrator for the Vaila’s Travel Fund. All applications must be made by a suitable third party such as a social worker, school head teacher, third sector organisation or registered charitable organisation.

The travel fund can help:

  • Children suffering from mental, physical or sensory disabilities
  • Children suffering from behavioural and psychological disorders
  • Children deprived of normal lives because of family circumstances
  • Children living in areas of deprivation or stress, who are deprived of amenities generally available to other children of a similar age group
  • Children who are carers in the home

You can apply for help with

  • Funding for a school trip
  • Funding for independent travel
  • Other items or relevant expenditure without which travel would not be possible

See guidelines for further information. Application by completed application form only.

To enquire about this fund, please contact Ellen Hughson by e-mail at: ellen.hughson@shetland.org or by telephone on: 01595 743903

Alternative funding sources for young people are listed below:









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