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January 12th 2024

On behalf of Voluntary Action Shetland’s board the Executive Officer of Voluntary Action Shetland, Lynn Tulloch is delighted to present their new strategic plan.

Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS) is Shetland’s Third Sector Interface. VAS provides a single point of access for support and advice for the Third Sector within Shetland.

Following on from funding successfully received through Highlands and Islands Enterprise to support this organisational development, the new VISION of Voluntary Action Shetland is to be:

A Strong, Sustainable and Valued Asset for Shetland, playing a leading role in Championing and Supporting Community Needs

Their MISSION is:

To Support, Represent and Develop Community and Voluntary Action in Shetland

Delivered through Core Activity:

  • To be a Central Source of Knowledge - About the Third Sector locally
  • To be the Voice – Ensuring a strong Third Sector Voice at strategic Level within Local and national planning
  • To Build Capacity – Developing the capacity of volunteering, community and voluntary groups to achieve positive change
  • To Connect – Providing leadership, vision and co-ordination for the local third sector to better respond to local priorities.

To achieve Key Outcomes:

  • Voluntary Action Shetland is renowned as an exemplar model for the Sector
  • A proactive, respected board people want to join
  • Highly regarded in the Community and with Stakeholders
  • Making a tangible difference to the Third Sector in Shetland
  • Taking action to Target Emissions in line with Net Zero

The Chair of Voluntary Action Shetland Board Magnus Flaws said “It has been a very useful process to consider our way forward for Voluntary Action Shetland. As a board we have recently agreed our strategy which sets out our long-term vision, ambitions and the outcomes we will strive to achieve”

Lynn Tulloch, Executive Officer stated: “I am delighted the board has taken the time to consider our way forward and I look forward in supporting my staff team to deliver on the outcomes and action plan that has been agreed by the Voluntary Action Shetland board over the next few years”

To read the full publication and action plan click here

Further information about Voluntary Action Shetland can also be found on Facebook and Twitter - search for Voluntary Action Shetland.

To get in touch with Voluntary Action Shetland telephone: 01595 743900 or e-mail: vas@shetland.org

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