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July 27th 2023

On behalf of Voluntary Action Shetland’s board and following on from their Annual General Meeting in June 23, the Executive Officer of Voluntary Action Shetland, Lynn Tulloch is delighted to present their annual report for 22/23.

Voluntary Action Shetland (VAS) is Shetland’s Third Sector Interface. VAS provides a single point of access for support and advice for the Third Sector within Shetland. The role and aim of VAS is:

  • To be a Central Source of Knowledge - About the Third Sector locally
  • To be the Voice – Ensuring a strong Third Sector Voice at strategic Level within Local and national planning
  • To Build Capacity – Developing the capacity of volunteering, community and voluntary groups to achieve positive change
  • To Connect – Providing leadership, vision and co-ordination for the local third sector to better respond to local priorities.

On reflection of the past year Lynn Tulloch said “The last 12 months have been incredibly busy as we moved into the “new normal” post Covid-19. Recovery has been paramount and it takes time to reset, and reflect on how the last three years have affected individuals and impacted on our communities”

“VAS staff have undertaken lots of engagement activity and face to face work over the last 12 months, getting out in the community, going into local schools, attending events, having good connections with others and promoting volunteering and Voluntary Action Shetland support services in order to help community groups and organisations to run well. Staff have also been able to deliver a range of training to community groups as well as providing practical support. The direct delivery projects under Voluntary Action Shetland have also been able to get back to supporting those within our community in a face to face capacity”

The Chair of Voluntary Action Shetland Board Magnus Flaws said “This year has been very busy, with Voluntary Action Shetland staff getting back to doing what they do best, helping others, especially after the Covid restrictions”

“The annual Saltire Awards Celebration took place in June 2022 and returned to a face to face capacity post covid-19. It was a huge success, with 67 young people receiving their Saltire Awards. Throughout last year we had been reading in the local press about young people with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Volunteering is something that Voluntary Action Shetland staff have been promoting within schools over the last 12 months to support young people to get involved in local groups, and it’s wonderful to see that these Saltire award recipients have been able to volunteer and make a difference in our community”

To read the full publication click here

Further information about Voluntary Action Shetland can also be found on Facebook and Twitter - search for Voluntary Action Shetland.

To get in touch with Voluntary Action Shetland telephone: 01595 743900 or e-mail: vas@shetland.org

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