Child and Adult Protection - It's everyones job

This on-line course is FREE of charge.

When and Where:

At present there is a Keeping Adults and Children’s safe module that individuals can do, through the safershetland website. Please use the following link to complete the course: Training | Safer Shetland

Course Outline:

This course will provide an introduction to safeguarding vulnerable adults and children. It will cover the basics of safeguarding, legal responsibilities and good practice.

Who should attend?

Anyone in the community who wants to learn more about keeping adults and children safe in our community is welcome to undertake this on-line module

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this training you should be able to:

· Explain what is meant by adult and child protection
· Have an understanding of what is meant by abuse
· Describe the possible alerting signs of abuse and harm
· Be aware of local adult and child protection procedures
· Know what to do if you are concerned about an adult or child

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